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Rainbow Logo
Image of Rainbows visiting a museum
Image of Rainbow playing a game
Image of Rainbows in an adventure playground

Rainbows was started in 1987 for girls aged between 5 and 7 years old.


Rainbow meetings take place once a week for approximately an hour. The programme can be very varied and the Rainbows are encouraged to help in decision making and programme planning. Rainbow chats are often held so that the girls get to share their ideas and thoughts or share news. Rainbows play lots of games, sing songs, make crafts and take part in lots of activities.


A special book is given to new Rainbows on their 1st or 2nd week. It contains a story, Jigsaw Piece activities, information on the guiding family, the Rainbow song and the Rainbow uniform. The Rainbow programme is known as Jigsaw Pieces. It is a balanced and varied programme with 4 main areas: Look, Learn, Love and Laugh!


"Laugh", one of the Rainbow Jigsaw pieces
"Learn", one of the Rainbow Jigsaw pieces
"Look", one of the Rainbow Jigsaw pieces
"Love", one of the Rainbow Jigsaw pieces
Olivia, the Rainbow Mascot

The Rainbow Promise:


The Promise is made when the Rainbow feels ready. It is made to the individuals own potential. The promise is:


I promise that I will do my best, To love my god and to be Kind and helpful.

Image of rainbows
Rainbow Trefoil